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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Comcast Experience HD Video Wall – Biggest TV in the World

So I’m on my way to lunch with my client in Philadelphia and she asks me “Have you been to the Comcast Center yet?” Can’t say that I have… so off we go. She tells me that it houses the world’s largest television. You have my attention, says the videophile. We walk into the Comcast Office Building and I’m expecting to see some big projection screen. But it’s much cooler than that.

First up came this picture:

Not bad, says I. That’s pretty big. But the configuration confuses me. Why would you have it break up with an opening in the middle. That just seems like bad planning… But wait, there’s more!

Holy Shnikies! The ENTIRE wall is a video screen! The background is showing the same wood paneling as the adjacent walls, so it looks like there are floating screens. Now I’m seriously impressed. This thing wouldn’t fit on the broad side of my house! (though, I’d be willing to let them try. Imagine the neighborhood movie nights ; ) And the Clarity – It’s like Super-HD on speed.
Here are some stats and details from their listing on the Go Philadelphia site:

Most stunning of all, however, is "The Comcast Experience," a 2,000 square-foot LED screen projecting computer-generated images so realistic, you'll think they're jumping out of the wall. With a resolution 500% greater than that of an HD television, the Experience is a remarkable technological and artistic achievement. The video wall, a giant HD video screen that is actually the largest four-millimeter LED screen in the world, is located right in the building's publicly accessible main lobby, so everyone can enjoy it.


Utilizing a technique called “3-Camera Panorama,” which involves placing three high-definition cameras side-by-side and filming everything from spectacular nature footage to urban landscapes, a seamless, wide-screen vista is created.

This realistic imagery offers 10 million pixels of clarity — five times the resolution of hi-definition TV — supplemented with computer-generated images of amazingly realistic quality, producing a vivid virtual world.

The system that delivers the content to the screen has the ability to make a pre-designed selection from a bank of hundreds of images. The selection from the delivery system is random in nature, in order to create an array of ever-changing imagery.

Click to read more about the World’s Largest LED Screen.

The only weird part to me? Why wouldn't they be showing something that, I don't know, actually airs on Comcast? Maybe they couldn't get an appointment with the cable guy. I know I've had my issues with that one ; )

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sometimes i like to be called Mama said...

This is absolutely incredible! I saw it in person. David Niles did this with Niles Creative Group.